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Discuss the internal and external factors disrupting banking. Gain inspiration and confidence for the next step on your transformation journey.

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Asia's Leading Digital Transformation for Banking Event

Do you work for a bank where COVID-19 has seen your digital transformation plans accelerate rapidly but left many questions unanswered?
Open banking; increasing customer expectations; digital-first challengers; BaaS and embedded banking. The sector is evolving rapidly and staying still is no longer an option.
The banks of the future will need to embrace new technology, focus on customer-centricity, and streamline processes.
Banking Transformation Summit discusses the internal and external factors disrupting banking.
No matter where you are on your transformation journey, Banking Transformation Summit provides inspiration and confidence for your next steps.
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The Digital Programme

Monthly digital insights from transformation trailblazers

What will the bank of 2030 look like across Asia?

Release Date: March 2022
How is the trend towards digital impacting the banking landscape
Will Increasing customer data be the main driver for transformation across the banking sector?
How will the future of money, transactions and the decline of cash impact banks?
2030 Predictions: What are the key features of our future banks?

How is AI changing the banking landscape in Asia?

Release Date: May 2022
Real-life use cases - where is AI being used to maximum effect?
How can an increase in AI adoption benefit customer experience?
How to maximise ROI for large tech projects?
Is there still a debate to be had around AI ethics and data ownership?

The impact of changing consumer expectations on banking in Asia

Release Date: July 2022
What do modern customers expect from their bank and how is it changing?
Is hyper personalization the key to next-gen customer experiences?
Is omnichannel banking becoming a reality or still a long way off?
What does a seamless customer journey look like in today's digital world?

Asia: The next frontier for Open Banking and Open Finance?

Release Date: Sept 2022
How does the American approach to Open Banking differ from other jurisdictions?
How is open banking leading to new business models and revenue streams?
How can both fintechs and traditional financial institutions benefit from Open Banking?
How is the wider open finance ecosystem developing?

Digital-first challenger banks vs traditional institutions

Release Date: Nov 2022
Can challenger banks continue to compete with traditional players?
How important is profitability? Can challengers turn their market disruption into a sustainable business model?
How important is customer trust and brand loyalty and can traditional banks rely on this?
Should the larger banks aim to digitize existing services, buy promising fintechs or build their own?

How are Consumer Expectations Changing Across Asia and What Impact is it Having on Banking?

Release Date: May 2022
What do modern customers expect from their bank and how will that change moving forwards?
Is there still a place for the highstreet bank branch? What purpose will they serve?
Will customer data and behaviour be the main driver for transformation across the banking sector?

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  • “It was a great session with some amazing panelists and insights. I learned a lot.”

    Steven Habbi, Global Head of Brand Design and Management | Group Marketing, HSBC
  • “A great opportunity to get together with interesting folks from across the industry to discuss different perspectives on what might be coming next”

    Mike Cowen, Head of Digital Solutions (UK & Ireland), Mastercard
  • "You guys are pros and have this stuff on lockdown. A great, diverse panel, really nice insights. Looking forward to the next one! "

    David McHenry, Managing Director, Head of Global Treasury and Payments Advisory - EMEA, Silicon Valley Bank
  • “An excellent insightful discussion, with strong key messages delivered. Surely, one of the best I have participated in.“

    Anna Maj, FinTech Leader & Advisor | Senior Lecturer, CFTE | Top 10 Women in Fintech
  • “All sessions had good quality speakers and I like the fast paced Q&A and feeding audience questions into the speakers in a rapid fire format.”

    Sundeep Verma, Director Sales & Business Development, HSBC
  • "Bringing together engaging and knowledgeable speakers to discuss future-focused themes, delivered in an engaging format. MoneyNext’s discussions are always worth a watch!"

    Simon Jones, Chief Customer Officer, ClearBank